How to Save a Life

Funny man Jason Pestell came across an unconscious man in the street and did everything right.

Jason called on his first aid training and St John Ambulance First Aid app to render life-saving first aid to the patient prior to ambulance crews arriving on the scene.

First Aid Kit

First Aid iPhone app

First Aid Training

It’s not rocket science. You don’t even need to be a brain surgeon to do a first aid course—just willing.

Call St John on 1300 360 455 to book a course today!

A Kit with First Aid supplies

in it... Pretty self-explanatory.

The must-have iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app.

What good is a high score on Angry Birds if you can’t save the life of a loved one?

The not-so Accidental Hero

Although Jason could never have predicted coming across a patient in the street, his life-saving actions were no accident.

Jason is one of the over 400,000 people who do a first aid course with St John each year.

In the Media

The heroic actions of Jason resonated throughout  local and national media networks.

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Get in touch with Jason

Find dates for Jason’s next comedy show or simply give him a shout at

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