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In 2012, Safework Australia launched the new harmonised First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice (the Code) which is currently being rolled out across Australia. This new Code is an approved Code of Practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act) approved by Safework Australia and the Ministerial Council.

Previously, each State and Territory jurisdiction maintained its own work health and safety regulator with responsibility for administrating and enforcing the new WHS laws. The Code has changed the first aid responsibilities of Australian businesses.

As part of the new Code, workplaces are expected to undertake a risk assessment in order to identify the first aid equipment, procedures and First Aiders they should have in place. The new Code provides guidance on first aid requirements appropriate for different workplace risks and hazards.

As of March 2013, Victoria and Western Australia have yet to implement the new Code.

St John Ambulance Australia provides a range of first aid training and WHS solutions for your workplace.

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